Resilient Vinyl Flooring

  • Having high load-carrying capacity 
  • Water tightness 
  • Suitability for pedestrian traffic
  • Resistant to aggressive substances
  • Reduced  vibrations 
  • attractive look


We at AAMTAC Specialized Architectural Solutions are dedicated in providing effective solutions to your expansion joint needs, using the up to date techniques and highest quality materials from world leading manufacturers. Having executed numerous expansion joint projects and is often called upon to provide its expertise for the most complex expansion cases. Structural movement occurs as a result of several factors including thermal expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature, seismic occurrences, and wind force affecting the structure. Expansion joints are designed to relieve stress on structural materials when movement occurs.
Our expansion joint covers products,

• Floor Covers
• Interior Wall + Ceiling Covers
• Exterior Wall Covers
• Roof Covers
• Fire + Vapor Barriers
• Thermal & Seismic