•  even and stable structured roof

  •  high load-bearing capacity

  •  fixES slopes and slants

  • EASY repair 

  •  quick and easy to install

We are specialized in providing the industry with pre-manufactured elevated decking components for commercial and residential applications. We supply pedestal/paver components for installations over unlevel or sloped surfaces that require drainage and a level surface with no visible drains. Our range of pedestals can be used to install porcelain paving on patios, terraces and balconies. The strong plastic pedestals have self-levelling heads and can be easily adjusted using the Pedestal Adjustment Tool to level the tiles once they are installed. There are a range of heights available and even extension pieces to create the exact height needed. For a mess free installation with open joints and built-in drainage, use the pedestals to create a raised floor.

Adjustable & Self Leveling

The Adjustable Self-Leveling pedestals has come to be recognized as the market’s most exclusive solution to deal with sloping installation surfaces. In this regard, the product is capable of providing exceptional results thanks to its tilting movement, which is capable of compensating slopes up to 5%.The adjustment is performed using a regulation key, which can be applied from above once the flooring has been installed and guarantees the precision alignment of the entire floor surface.

Fixed Pedestal

The fixed floor pedestal support has always been the quickest and cheapest solution for installation of raised paver slabs. In case of differences in level or imperfections of slabs, 4 exclusive balancers are provided for an automatic balancing of the paver. When building elevated decks over sloping surfaces including rooftop decks with porcelain or concrete pavers, fixed height rubber support pads are normally the best support to use at elevations below approx. 1″.