•  warning and directional indicators
  •  high quality stainless steel
  •  Achieved Luminous Contrast test
  •  Anti-slip resistant
  •  EASY repair
  •  quick and easy to install

AAMTAC is a specialist supplier and installer for  stainless steel and ceramic tactile indicators in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

TGSI are predominantly used to assist pedestrians who are blind, or who have vision impairment with warning of hazards and directional information to aid navigate the sidewalks of the roads , to lead pedestrians to and identify public access facilities such as intersection kerb ramps, pedestrian crossings, stairs, lifts, ramps and escalators. They are also used at public transport facilities to alert pedestrians to platform edges at train stations, bus and tram stop areas and ferry wharves.

Stainless steel ‘studs’ or ‘strips’ are commonly used by the transportation authorities on rail transit stations or by building owners in commercial buildings/private buildings to provide guidance for movement.


Decision – the circular ‘stud’ pattern indicate a potential hazard or change of direction or location of amenities such as lifts. The tactile indicator studs are available in 3 surfaces:

  • Circular
  • Diamond
  • Flat


Directional – the elongated ‘strip’ pattern indicates the direction to of travel to be taken.

Our tactile indicator strips are available in 2 surfaces:

  • Line
  • Diamond