Robotic HVAC Duct Cleaning

We are specialized in Robotic duct cleaning system which is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to inspect, clean and spray commercial, industrial and residential ventilation systems.

Our process will improve the quality of cleaning ventilation ducts by removing the dirt, debris and other contaminants air washing alone leaves behind. All the components that we use for our Robotic duct cleaning have been field tested and fine tuned to maximize the results and the cleaning quality. Our duct cleaning robots are proven to greatly aid the air purification process.

Mechanically operated brushes designed to loosen and move debris adhered to interior HVAC surfaces and a high negative pressure suction system will collect all the dust and debris safely


We offer air duct inspections to verify that your air ducts need to be cleaned and let you know what you can expect.

Robotic equipment with rotary brush  is used for brushing the dirt, as it can  adapt to duct shape and size. It is very effective for square ducts for deep cleaning of the corners.

The negative pressure vaccum equipment captures any particle inside them. The different stages of filtering will retain all these particles, decanting them by their thickness in the different modules.

Quick and even application for disinfecting air duct interiors is done using robotic  injection pump and nebulisation nozzle at 360º. 

HVAC duct interior before and after cleaning

Why Periodic Duct Cleaning Adviced?

The ventilation systems in buildings are designed to supply or extract a certain amount of air to the rooms. Even with filters fitted to the system, it cannot be ensured that some contaminants will not come into the system.


Contaminants are accumulated throughout the years, and can after several years build to a substantial amount.The consequence is that the system may not work as designed. If the system, besides transportation of fresh air, also serves to heat/cool the rooms, it might become difficult to regulate.


The accumulated dust creates a basis for bacteria and fungi. These might, within time, free themselves from the duct, and be transported into the ventilated rooms.Blocked or heavily contaminated filters also create a basis for bacteria and fungi. The traces will over the time grow through and release on the other side of the filter. In this way they can reach the ventilated rooms.


This might cause illnesses for the occupants working in the rooms.The illnesses will show as mucous membrane inflammation, migraine, tiredness, depression etc. Poor indoor air quality does not only come from the ventilation system, but it definitely contributes to a large extent.


Ventilation systems do not only exist as comfort ventilation in offices, but are also used in the industry as suction for gases, smoke and dust.These plants are often very contaminated. Many of these plants have no direct influence on the indoor air quality due to the fact that they act as extracts.


However the ducts can get blocked, and hereby cause poor suction from the rooms.
A dirty ventilation duct creates a fire danger. Dust burns very easily, and with suction in the duct system, the fire can spread out to other parts of the building rapidly.


Most people spend more than 70% of their time inside offices; buildings where only fresh air comes from air conditioning and ventilation system. We all depend on clean air to enjoy a health life. To ensure that the air is clean on your premises, particle and bacteria free, these systems must be cleaned regularly.


A standard dust content of 1 gram/sq meter has to be maintained. In order to achieve that, we make use of advance robotic duct cleaning machine to do that work.The latest technology equipment combined with our highly trained maintenance team, we ensure that your air-conditioning and ventilation systems are clean.