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We are leading supplier of quality metal lockers for schools, hospitals, gyms,retail stores and other industries. Besides standard metal lockers we have other great products. We offer below types:

Standard Metal Lockers – Standard steel lockers are the solution to all your school locker needs. These metal lockers are perfect for either middle school or high school. Also a great fit for gym locker rooms too. We have a huge selection of tiers and sizes as well as 1 wide and 3 wide lockers.

Ventilated Lockers– Ventilated lockers are ideal for use as school gym lockers. Made of prime, cold-rolled steel, these vented metal lockers will last for years to come. The diamond perforations on the doors and sides create locker vents and offer increased ventilation and airflow. Since these lockers are vented, they do not have any door louvers.

Employee Lockers – We offers a huge selection of employee lockers that are sure to fit your needs. Our trademark steel lockers include from 4 to 16 doors. Easily offer a secure place for your employees to store their personal items. Restaurants, warehouses, as well as offices can benefit greatly from having employee lockers.

Gear Lockers – The Command gear locker is a heavy-duty, all-welded locker. We designed it based on the needs of a military pilot. As a result it is a unique storage solution for a pilot’s flight related equipment and gear. We ship the Command locker set up and ready to use.

Athletic Sport Lockers – Collegiate athletic lockers offer additional security for special equipment or assigned gear. Additionally, Collegiate athletic sports locker includes a solid back and diamond perforated sides. The diamond perf sides increase air flow. This extra ventilation is ideal for sports gear and equipment. All models have a shelf as well as a coat rod and 4 single prong wall hooks.

Locker Room Benches – Our locker room benches are the final piece for your locker room project. We have indoor benches for sale in hardwood, aluminium or plastic laminate. We also offer ADA compliant benches with or without a backrest. Hardwood tops provide a sleek finished look that goes with any locker in any colour.
Aluminum locker room benches are rustproof and while the anodized aluminum is light, it is also incredibly strong and easy to maintain in almost any environment. Works great as school locker bench. We also have plastic locker room benches.

Antimicrobial Healthcare Lockers – Antimicrobial healthcare lockers provide continuous, residual protection against the touch transfer of bacteria on the locker surface. They also protect against mold and bacteria growth. This happens in the locker corners, seams and on hidden locker surfaces. Ideal for use as either employee lockers or uniform storage lockers. Great in either a hospital locker room or medical facilities.