Cooling Tower Repair and Maintenance

Cooling towers are the heart of a building’s mechanical system. Without routine maintenance, they’re destined to experience problems that can lead to a complete shutdown of the entire building, making both the owner and tenants extremely unhappy.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their system is kept running optimally.


Regardless of the manufacturer of your factory-assembled cooling tower or the year of construction, we offer replacement of  cooling tower parts and services needed to keep your cooling tower operating at peak performance. We provide repair and reconstruction services  including but not limited to:


  • Heat transfer media (fill) or drift eliminator replacement
  • Fan deck repair and/or replacement
  • Hot water distribution basin repair and/or replacement
  • Cooling tower structural repair including lumber or FRP fiberglass replacement
  • Casing side panel replacements
  • Safety upgrades or replacements including stair cases, stair towers, railings, or walkways
  • Mechanical equipment repair or upgrade
  • Replace/upgrade distribution boxes
  • Hot water distribution basin covers
  • Crossflow cooling tower distribution systems and nozzles
  • Counterflow cooling tower distribution systems and nozzles
  • Casing and louver replacement
  • Thermal performance upgrades

Cooling Tower repair or reconstruction in many cases is more cost-effective than replacement of existing equipment. With a cooling tower repair project, there is typically no associated cost for changes or modifications to the supporting steel, piping, electrical, or controls. Often a reconstruction project can be completed before a new cooling tower can be delivered to the job site. Utilizing the best and most current materials of construction, we can return your cooling tower to—or even beyond—the original design conditions.