Water Proofing

COOL-R is a highly reflective waterproofing coating that protects your roof from heat and water.
It can be used both on new and old, flat and sloping roofs. 

Main technical features

  • High reflectance of sunlight [85,7%],  and high heat emissivity [0.85].
  • Extended working life – cat. W2 according to ETAG 005.
  • Creates a waterproof and seamless coating thickness of 1mm.
  • Ecological friendly – solvent free, does not emit volatile substances.
  • Resistant to permanent dirt, easy to clean.
  • Easy to repair any mechanical defects.
  • Resistant to UV rays 


  • Application temperature – Min. +5ºC max +40ºC
  • Temperature resistance – Min. -35 ºC max ++80ºC  after curing
  • High elasticity of coating – 300%
  • Quick resistance to rain. – 90 minute